The End Is Coming: 5 Popular Game of Thrones Theories Explained


Odds are you’re a GoT fan, or you know someone that is. Am I right?

It goes without saying that Game of Thrones is the best, if not the best, television show of all time. Each Sunday HBO brings us another insane episode that tends to blow our mind all the way to Essos. This Sunday brings a finale titled “The Dragon And The Wolf” and boasts the longest Thrones episode to date with a 79 minute runtime.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched a show in which I was so invested in the characters, the story, the themes, and most of all, the theories. Yes, I’m confessing myself a nerd, but you already knew that. Let me tell you this, when a theory comes true the amount of satisfaction you feel is priceless. (Yes, all of this is about a fricken TV show and I have absolutely no shame.) If you’re a fan at all and do indeed read theories like myself, maybe give this a read for shits and giggles, because I could always use some feedback.

I’m not going to talk about when or how Jon and Daenerys will get together or when Jon will discover his parentage because we all know that is coming soon. (If they don’t at least kiss in the finale, I’m going to be pissed.) I’m not going to talk about the theory of Bran being The Night King or that Arya has been dead since she left Braavos, because frankly I think those theories are weird and hopefully untrue.

Here I put in simple terms five popular Game of Thrones theories and of course reference where I got the facts*. (Although a simple Google search will bring you thousands of results. Let’s be real this shit is ALL over Facebook.)

Three Headed Dragon Theory

Courtesy of HBO

Aka Tyrion is actually a Targaryen. This theory is probably my favorite because it involves my three favorite characters in the show, Daenerys, Jon, and Tyrion. The theory goes like this.

Back in season 2, Daenerys visits the House of the Undying. In the books it is here that Dany has a vision of her brother Rhaegar (and Jon’s future Pops) saying that “the dragon has three heads.” The sigil of the Targaryen house is the three-headed dragon. In GOT history, Aegon Targaryen aka Aegon the Conquerer was the first Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and King on Iron Throne. He was said to have conquered Westeros atop a dragon alongside his two sisters on their dragons. The prophecy has been interpreted to meaning that Daenerys must have three dragon riders before she can take the throne.

Since we know that Jon is part Targaryen it’s obvious that he would be the second rider. The theory suggests that that Tyrion is the third rider due to his many similarities to Jon and Daenerys. If you also recall, Tyrion had a moment with the dragons in season six when he let them out of the dungeons of Mereen. In the book series, he’s always been fascinated by dragons. This season Jon was able to touch Drogon. As we all know these beautiful beasts don’t take to everyone, so this can’t just be a coincidence.

Lastly it is known that Tywin Lannister often refers to Tyrion as “not his son.” In Westerosi history, Aerys Targaryen was said to be particularly fond of Joanna Lannister, Tyrion’s mother, And he is also to be rumored to have slept with her. This could mean that Tyrion is the son of Aerys Targaryen. Trippy right?


Source: (via Quora, Popsugar, Collider)

Possibility: I used to think this was 100 percent going to happen. However, now that Viserion has been killed by the White Walkers and turned into an ice dragon, the literal three dragon riders doesn’t seem plausible, but that doesn’t mean that Tyrion isn’t a Targaryen. Nevertheless, I definitely don’t think Tywin is his father.

Jamie Will Kill Cersei

Courtesy of HBO

There are two reasons why many people believe that Jamie Lannister will kill Cersei Lannister. For whatever reason, Jamie seems to still be madlessly in love with his ruthless sister. As many know Jamie is known as “The Kingslayer” as being the one who betrayed Aerys Targaryen aka “The Mad King” aka Daenerys’ father. In the world before the story, the Mad King threatened to burn everyone using Wildfire. Jamie killed the Mad King to protect the people of King’s Landing and the realm from the wrath of Aerys. However, how we can forget back in the season six finale Cersei when blew up he entire Sept in King’s Landing using the same wildfire Aerys had stored for years. Basically, Cersei carried out the violent act that Jamie tried to prevent years ago. And let’s be real, she’s probably lying about that fourth pregnancy to keep Jamie on her side.

The second reason involves the prophecy Cersei received as a child from Maggy The Frog. Maggy predicted that Cersei would marry the king, have three children, a queen would come that was younger and more beautiful than her, and that her three children would all die. Everything thus far in this prophecy has come true. The last part in the prophecy states that ‚Äúthe valonqar¬†shall¬†wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.‚ÄĚ Valonquar is Valyrian for “little brother,” which would either mean Jamie, who was born after Cersei, or Tyrion who is obviously the youngest. Most eyes lead to Jamie for the first reason above.

Source: (via Collider)

Possibility: I think it’s inevitable that Cersei will die before the series ends.¬†Due to the prophecy and what Cersei has done, I think Jamie to be the one who kills her is probable.

Wall Will Be Destroyed

Courtesy of HBO

This is more fact than theory to be honest friends. The Wall was created to protect Westeros from what we know lies beyond it, the undead army. With Bran’s connection to the Night King it is theorized that through this link somehow, someway the Wall will come down.

As Collider explains, “the legend states that Brandon the Builder erected the Wall after the Long Night to¬†protect Westeros from the Others, and he had help from the giants and the Children of the Forest, who imbued it with magical spells prevent White Walkers from crossing the threshold.” This magic is the same magic used to protect the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave where Bran was doing his training. When he connected with the Night King a link was formed between them that allowed the White Walkers to come through the Wall to where Bran, Meera, and Hodor were stationed at the cave (R.I.P Hodor). Therefore, the theory suggests that Bran and his connection to the Night King will somehow be involved in the destruction of the Wall.

Source: (via Collider)

Possibility: As Young Joc once said, “meet me at the [wall] it’s going down.”


Courtesy of HBO

It’s been brewing for seasons and everyone has a favorite, the Cleganebowl! The fight between the brothers, Sandor Clegane aka The Hound and Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain are predicted to face off as soon as tomorrow’s finale. It’s obvious this needs to happen, the siblings have had a known, brutal rivalry for a long time. They are on opposite sides, in opposite armies, and have opposite enemies, a brawl is surely imminent. My pick is The Hound, he’s funny, he’s strong, and he has a heart. The Mountain is sort of a zombie now, but he still has many fans.

Source: (via Indiewire)

Possibility: This BETTER happen and the Hound BETTER win. That’s all.

Jon and Dany is/are Azor Ahai

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

‚ÄúWhen the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone.‚ÄĚ

This theory is probably the most popular Thrones theory of all time and often the most highly debated.  Pretty much everything is described in this video below. Thank you Tech Insider.

In simple terms, Azor Ahai was the legendary hero that was said to have fought the White Walkers and the frozen zombie army during the Long Night years ago. He had many descriptions, which have been explained throughout the show and books. There are many opinions as to who this reincarnation of this hero is: Beric Dondarrion, Jamie Lannister, Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaren. If you recall, Melisandre the Red Priestess, used to believe that Stanis Baratheon was Azor Ahai. Now, she believes Jon is Azor Ahai and that Daenerys also is involved. I believe this as well, because the series after all is titled “A Song of Fire and Ice

Source: (via Collider)

Possibility: If you watched last weeks episode, you can see that Jon and Dany seem to be prospects and team that will destroy the Night King and his army, However, only time will tell for sure.


We will find out if some of these come true this Sunday on HBO. If not the last and final (*tear*) season of Game of Thrones will be back sometime next year.

P.S. Rumors are Rhaegar Targaryen (aka Jon’s dad) will be making an appearance in the finale.

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*Much information of course comes from the books. For the record, I haven’t read the Game of Thrones books, except about half of the first one, I own them and plan to read them of course.

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Emma Stone

Paige in La La Land Vol. 1: Blonde Beginnings & Real World Lessons

When I was a little girl, my dad would drive me every morning to elementary school. I had to go to a morning daycare, because both of my parents had to be at work early. Every morning during that 6:30 am sleepy car ride, my dad¬†would put on 102.7 KIIS FM On Air With Ryan Seacrest (We even listened in the Rick Dee’s days prior, my school was kindergarten for eighth grade.)¬†My dad and I — clad in my natural blonde hair (hey it was back then) and green, plaid uniform dress — would listen to Ryan tells us the important stories of the day, what was happening in music, and even throw in a joke or two. We¬†would hear the¬†pop hits, some couples would fight during Ryan’s Roses, and viewers would win contests. It was our morning ritual. One day however, I can’t remember which, I told my Dad: “Dad, I want to be Ryan Seacrest when I grow up. Well, a female version.” My dad replied with, “I could see you doing that, but you’d have to talk a little slower.”¬†DidimentionItalkreallyreallyfast? Don’t worry, I talk slower now, well at least on camera.

Even from a young age, I couldn’t shut up.

I was probably in the fifth or sixth grade when I knew I wanted to work in entertainment. As I grew up, I thought that my aspirations would change to something more logical or¬†realistic, and for my mom’s sake — something that wouldn’t chew me up and spit me back out. But I was persistent. I loved pop-culture. I lived and breathed movies, television, books, and music. The¬†walls of my bedroom were covered floor to ceiling with magazine cutouts, pictures, posters, and other paraphernalia. What started just as my ode to the wizarding adventures of Harry Potter, a nerdy pleasure I still bear¬†at 23, evolved into a masterpiece of my pop culture obsessions.

As I reached high school, my aspirations to work in entertainment and journalism become even more confirmed. I would drag my friends to Twilight midnight showings and new movie releases. I even had my friends wait in line with me for 12 hours for the first Hunger Games installment, because of course I needed a good seat to see the launch of Jennifer Lawrence’s career — she’s still one of my favorite actresses btw. My locker and binders were covered with collages of my favorite celebrities and motivational quotes — my own personal travel dream board I could have as my reminder wherever I went. I loved to perform and make people laugh. My unusually deep voice with my bright, blonde hair made me unique. I was a dancer and a cheerleader, yet I was such a nerd when it came to my beloved pop-culture. Although¬†I was pretty smart in school, being an excessive talker was my identifier. I may be short, but wow did my voice carry in a classroom, even when I didn’t want it to. Energetic and bubbly, I was naturally very ADD, but sitting still and test taking were not my attributes. Nevertheless, I made it into a good college.

Basic LA photo in front of Alfred Coffee in WeHo.
Basic LA photo in front of Alfred Coffee in WeHo.

While at Loyola Marymount University — where I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Journalism (they don’t have a journalism major…ugh), I fell in love with the city of Los Angeles. Coming from Orange County, I wasn’t far from my family but the environment around me was definitely new, and I loved it. This was my beginning, my blonde beginning (I’ve been about four hair colors and cuts the past five years…) and I was ready to really get my life started, because I was in the entertainment capital of the world and this was my time to shine.

As I should have known, getting into entertainment journalism, or any aspect of entertainment, wasn’t easy. Real World¬†Lesson #1. I applied for more internships than I can count, getting only two small unpaid internships in total. However, I was grateful as¬†I still got to build my portfolio and earn some experience. Unlike many of my private school friends, I had to work through all four years of college — having stints at a multiple part-time jobs such as a work study job on campus, a position at Nordstrom, being a receptionist for my dad’s company, and as a team member at Whole Foods.¬†Real World Lesson #2. When it came to applying for jobs in the real world, I started early. Half way through my senior year of college, I began¬†the job hunt, hoping for a position right after graduation in May. Unfortunately, after dozens and dozens of applications, it took me until the following January — aka last month — to finally get a job. I was ecstatic. My hard work had finally paid off! I loved my job, my first real “big girl job.” I was so excited to have a desk, to be a real working girl, and to most of all — really begin my career. However, within three weeks of my new position I was laid off due to budget cuts. Real World Lesson #3.¬†

I was devastated, as anyone would be. Going back to the job hunt seemed like the worst thing in the world, but in reality it’s not. At only 23, I’ve learned some serious real world lessons from events that could easily have happened to me later in life and probably will again. This little setback might seem like a big deal, but it just means that my “big break” isn’t here yet. It’s just waiting for me to find it. From fan, to hopeful writer, to aspiring host, I’m not letting anything stop me now. For the many rejections I’ve received and the hills I’ve fallen down, to the many hardships that will for sure appear¬†in the future, I’ll be ready. This has been my dream since I was a child and I’m going to put 110% into it. If I fail, that’s alright, because I’ll get back up again. As one of my favorite movies of the year sings to me: “Here’s to the one’s who dream, foolish as they may seem.” Hi world, Pop Culture Paige is coming for you!

12239275_10153306202083590_3048719194305541896_o 12973160_10153607474638590_684217270234983243_o