50 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Fifty Shades Darker Trailer

As many of my close friends know, I’ve been a Fifty Shades of Grey fan for years. Yeah, it’s a little cheesy and you can make fun all you want, but I seriously enjoy it.  The second book (and now movie) is probably my favorite in the series. I love that the story now contains more thriller aspects and that the love story is more romance and less BDSM, but of course it’s still there.  Anyways, I digress.

I woke up this morning with an unusual pep in my step when I remembered the trailer came out today and I have a lot of thoughts on it.  Fifty shades  thoughts to be exact. Calm your inner goddess if you can and read them below.

  1. I’ve been waiting for this for so long.
  2. I even prepped by watching Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday.
  3. One minute and 58 seconds. Let’s do this.
  4. OMG Masquerade ball fireworks. Great fade in, Universal. Great fade in.
  5. “Forget the Past”. I agree, I’m still depressed from that cliffhanger from FSOG.
  6. Remember when Ana screamed, “NO!” at Christian? Brb still in recovery.
  7. A present! I love presents.
  8. Ooh, Jamie Dornan is working that mask. Mmm…
  9. “And slip into something…” I’m ready, I’m f**king ready.
  10. OOH, Dakota is wearing Louboutins.
  11. “A shade darker…” It’s happening.
  12. “Intrigued?” Yes, Christian I’m very intrigued.

    Universal Pictures via Giphy
  13. Oh my god, Ana looks like a floating silver goddess and that deep red lip really brings it together.  #slay.
  14. The beauty and grandeur of this Masquerade Ball is giving me life. It’s just how I imagined it in the books.
  15. Oh sh**, Ana you wanted hearts and flowers…Look at those roses. Please take him back Ana, but on your own terms girl.
  16. God, I LOVE roses. I’m glad my boyfriend knows that. I’m made it very clear.
  17. Lock eyes from across the room. They are at José’s gallery showing. Do you see the picture of Ana in the back? LOL.
  18. “You just going to stand their gawking?” “Yes.”

    Universal Pictures via Giphy
  19. His smirk though. Dead.
  20. Oooh sexy time in the shower. This is so hot.
  21. Why is Ana wearing clothes in the shower?

    Universal Pictures via Giphy
  22. Hearts. Flowers. Boathouse. Her dress. His suit. I’m dying. Book fans know this is where an amazing scene takes place.
  23. “This time no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets.” YASS GIRL YOU TELL HIM WHO’S BOSS.
  24. An Ode To Jamie Dornan’s Back Muscles By Paige Catton.
  25. Oh cute, they’re sailing.
  26. Dakota Johnson got extensions for this right? Because she cut her hair short IRL. Ex. How To Be Single
  27. I’m digging the red lip that Dakota keeps wearing. I need to find what brand it is. If anyone knows, hmu.
  28. BTW, I’m loving this Miguel version of “Crazy In Love.”
  29. “You got me…” OMG IT’S LEILA HOLY SH**.
  30. “You got me…” And cue Ana’s creepy as F boss, Jack Hyde.

    Universal Pictures via Giphy
  31. “You got me…” Omg Mrs. Robinson! It’s Elena! It’s Christian’s first Dominant! She’s real.
  32. Wow, that’s a lot of Audi’s.
  33. Taylor! I love Taylor.
  34. Oooh Ana, he did a background check…girl
  36. I can’t believe they put this in the trailer.
  37. So many emotions.
  38. I didn’t even need coffee this morning, my heart is already pounding like crazy.
  39. Who is that creepy dude in the mask? I think that’s Jack but I can’t remember?
  40. I really need to reread the series. For the 280410842 time.

    Universal Pictures via Giphy
  41. “Do you think you’re the first woman that’s tried to save him?” Sh**. Ana we’re screwed.
  42. Don’t turn around Ana, she might have a gun.
  43. Well book readers know the crazy chick has a gun.
  44. Wait is it over? NOOOO.
  45. Fade to black.
  47. Omg, I’m shaking. I’m literally shaking.
  48. Way too many emotions before 10:00 am.
  49. “Crazy In Love Performed By Miguel.” Yeah, downloading this ASAP.
  50. Is it Valentine’s Day yet?
Universal Pictures via Giphy

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters February 10, 2016.

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